Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Monotony of Days

 We tell ourselves that it will change

The clock will tick another way

Will change its ever sounding chime

But we know it never does

It always stays the same.

Fools march through the darkness

Will nothing but a meager flame

To ward off the encroaching wave

We know it is a feeble game

Yet still we play.

Chains clank against our thighs

As we walk through the murky mire

We say we’re free

Why do we lie?

Nothing will ever change.

Our sighs and groans lift to heavens

A cry above raises our eyes

We see an owl fly overhead

We bow in misery.

We stifle our cries and bite our tongues

Who can say whether we've really won?

The owl is free in the stars above.

We know we cannot be.

But a howl in the darkness reminds us

Awakens the inner tragedy

At the sliver of the moon

It wails raises its bushy tail

Its soul cries out in doom and fail

Wrapped in lonely.

Silently we trudge on

To the ever closing dawn

The one that will be our victory song

When will it be?

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