Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Long Awaited Darkness

                                   It creeps around the edges of our consciousness
                                   It vies for our attention and jostles our mind
                                   They have waited for centuries for it to rise
                                   And slowly it surrounds us.
                                   It suffocates our peace and stirs up strife
                                   It crushes our joy and raises despair
                                   They want to hide in its safety
                                   Let its welcoming arms envelope them
                                   So they can do their ill deeds in relativity.
                                  Who can say what is what in the darkness?
                                  Who can say I am right and you are wrong?
                                  Who can discern shadow from shadow?
                                  Only light will show  what is true and what is not.
                                  Tiny white flames dot the ebony landscape with their burning
                                   Shining on them and their deeds
                                   They surround the flames and smother some
                                    But they can  never snuff them all.
                                   Though the  flames grow smaller in number they never dim
                                   They think they won but they can't see
                                   The rising white tide under the surface so
                                   They collect their ill fated works
                                   And smile in the long awaited darkness.