Friday, February 12, 2016

To My Dearest Colonel Brandon

      My Dearest Brandon,

                                       How long have I loved you? I could not dare say. Perhaps from our first meeting at Barton Park when I saw a spark of interest in your eye? When you gave me the piece to play and then a book of poetry? I know it from when you saved me from my folly in the storm and your concern for my welfare when we were visiting the Palmers. Your steadfast loyalty has proven your love more thoroughly than if you'd stood up and proclaimed it to the world. I am forever grateful for your patience with my youthful passions when other men would have simply walked away in shame. I adore you for your kindness which radiates from your eyes, deep as the sea and dark as a  winter's night. Your smile, which still retains its passion even in memory,  brightens and warms my soul more than any fire as I await your return my Love. You will return to find me in good spirits and bearing the most wonderful news concerning my sister Mrs. Ferras . I believe you already have a notion my dear husband but pray let me tell you.  Little Georgiania misses you almost as terribly as I do and waits at the window in your study watching for you atop your great black steed. She's begun dancing in her own little way when I play  and her lessons on the pianoforte are coming along most excellently. Mrs. Smith visited us and her son Fredrick is a smart young boy and a good playmate . I must also say that Mrs. Smith is a most charming woman and I am glad to have her friendship. 
 I miss you  my Adonis  and have prepared a lovely picnic for you when you return from your trip. I have also written a poem for your pleasure as well. Little Georgiania sends her love. Heaven keep you my Love. 

                                                                                        Forever and Most Affectionately Yours,
                                                                                                                          Marianne Brandon