Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nataraja Reprise


                                              Dance over these ashes in my soul
                                             The hopes and dreams that have died
                                             My passion and desires that swirl like flames
                                            Till they pass away like smoke
                                            Make new dreams grow in your footprints
                                           Let rain fall from your upraised arms
                                          Spark passion in my soul to the tune of your heartbeat
                                          Till it consumes me and drives the darkness away.

Weeping Angels

                                   Regret washes over me
                                   I can never get free
                                   Things said
                                   Things unsaid
                                   Chase me
                                   Haunt me
                                   Everywhere I turn I see them
                                   Hiding their faces
                                  Or screaming in fury
                                  I am stuck in the past
                                 There’s no escape
                                 From my predatory thoughts
                                They taunt me
                                Surround me
                               No way out
                              For a second they freeze
                             But when I turn they are closer
                            Stalking me waiting for me to slip
                           To blink again.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Time Lords (Royals Parody)

                                           I'd never been out of the flesh
                                           I cut my teeth on sonic frequencies
                                           And I'm not proud I must confess
                                           Of my regenerating abilities.
                                           But everybody's like gold fleet, cybermen mutations
                                           Daleks yell exterminate! Run from the shadows
                                           We don't care we have a guy with fluffy hair.
                                           But everybody's like Silence, weeping angels freaky
                                           Quantum locks, don't blink, Run away basically
                                           Sonic screwdriver's getting tweaky
                                           But we don't care. He'll solve it when we get there.
                                           He's our Time Lord (Time Lord)
                                           Run when he gets scared
                                           That kinda flux just ain't for us
                                           We crave a different kind of fuss
                                            Let us fix your time warp (time warp)
                                            And save the galaxies.
                                            And baby, we'll pull, we'll pull
                                            The fabric back on sanity.

Saturday, February 18, 2017



                                            Sparks fly from your hands as you twirl
                                            Flames flash from your eyes
                                            Every twist and turn sends fire spiraling higher into the heavens
                                            As  you dance wrapped in smoke
                                             But you are not dark.
                                            Passion radiates from you with every  flawless step
                                            You move to rhythm of your beating heart
                                            While I stand numb and downcast.
                                            Darkness envelopes me like a shroud
                                            I cannot the hear the rhythm of your dance
                                            With fear and doubt whispering in my ears
                                             Clinging to me like besotted lovers.
                                             I want the sparks to fly
                                             I want to melt away my fear
                                             Sear my doubt
                                             Reignite the passion that barely smolders inside. 
                                             Teach my stumbling feet the steps they once knew
                                             Take my arms wrapped around me and lift them up
                                              Let me hear the rhythm of your heart so I can dance again.