Friday, January 26, 2018


                           We splash in a placid pool blue and shining, our brothers and sisters with us
                            The Human Race in one ocean playing, others struggling to float
                             We splash and play for countless moments...
                            A darkness ebbs from the center and a hole opens up. 
                            The center throbs and begins to funnel pulling in some of our brothers. 
                             Crying out, we try to save them but it is useless
                             They are sucked in never to be found.
                             It spirals downward and pulls us in like a current
                             Dragging us  clawing and screaming
                            We pull and try to fight it but there's nothing we can do. 
                            We hope to reach the bottom tilting and sloshing but there is only emptiness
                            The roar and strain is almost to much to bear, but what else can we do?
                            We pull on our brothers and sisters trying to get away but we are all caught in this
                            Downward spiral
                            It is always hungry and gets hungrier still till there is nothing left but It.
                            Still plummeting down and around, we cry for someone to help us.
                            The only help for this tragedy will come at the end.
                             When a trumpets sounds declaring the  beginning of the end
                             The end of the war that's been waging since the dawn of time.
                              Then we who have survived will surface  and float in a serene sea 
                              And then nothing will ever drag us down.

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